The 30 annual international rock-festival “Belomor – Boogie” («White Sea – Boogie», founded 1995) will be 6-7 of October-2023 (Friday-Saturday) ( + some days before and after main festival gigs for some solo concerts) at «M33» club and "Koleso" club in the city of Arkhangelsk /North of Russia/.


The Festival-2023 will open its doors for 15 bands and performers of all directions of rock-music from 10 cities all over Russia.

So far «Belomor-Boogie» Festival is one of the oldest Russian festivals that featured performances by over 470 bands from 69 cities of Russia and 28 bands from USA, Germany, Armenia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Kazakhstan, France, Belgium, Great Britain.

The main policy of the Festival is to support little-known and provincial musicians all over the world, so you won’t see celebrities or big-name bands on stage. But we assure you that you will be thoroughly impressed by the uniqueness of music and quality of sound brought from different places of the world.

A distinctive and important feature of the festival "Belomor-Boogie" is its ongoing collaboration and partnership with such festivals and local organizers / Rock-Line open air (Perm / June), Rybka (Segezha / July), Revolution (Saint-Petersburg / July), KinRock (Kaliningrad / Sept.), Guitar Player party (Moscow / every 3-4 months) ... / that allows you to share and recomend most interesting projects to each other at next other festivals and clubs.

As usual, leading music journalists and reviewers from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg as well as festivals organizers and promoters have been invited to the Festival.

We can guarantee hotel and meals for the bands for all festival days, serious press and promo. The time for the festival performances of your group 35-40 minutes. Moreover, we are ready to organize another club concert — after the main festival program a day later.

We have already sent invitations for some bands, but the selection work still going on, because traditionally our festival has a lot of applications and the final list of participants will be approved by mid-July 2023.

Foreign bands of previous festivals:

  1.     Underground Attack (Finland, Helsinki),
  2.     Thalamus (Germany, Duisburg),
  3.     Daisy Cutter (Norway, Harstad),
  4.     BLK Tape (Sweden, Kiruna),
  5.     Walter Bob (Sweden, Kiruna),
  6.     Dorians (Armenia, Yerevan),
  7.     Peter Pan Speedrock (Netherlands, Eindhoven)
  8.     Nitroforce 9 (Finland),
  9.     Pershagen (Sweden, Piteå),
  10.     Wolf Mail (Canada / Australia),
  11.     The Band Called Oh (Norway, Tromso),
  12.     Immortal Guardian (USA, Austin),
  13.     Sweet Scarlet (Norway, Tromso),
  14.     Bang Out (Italy, Rome),
  15.     Adaptation (Kazakhstan, Aktobe),
  16.     The Erkonauts (Switzerland, Geneva),
  17.     Dog`n`Style (France, Epinal),
  18.     Sunrunner (USA, Portland),
  19.     Neon Appartments (Norway, Tromso),
  20.     Breaking Samsara (Germany, Emden),
  21.     Cellar Darling (Switzerland, Winterthur),
  22.     Ogre (USA, Portland),
  23.     Wolves Scream (Belgium, Namur),
  24.     Max & The Goofies (Germany, Emden),
  25.     Hessian (USA, Portland),
  26.     12 Stone Toddler (Great Britain, Brighton),
  27.     Morglbl (France, Annecy),
  28.     Off The Cross (Belgium, Antwerp).

+ international projects:

Zeerock (USA / Russia),
Ambehr (Armenia / Russia),
The Meantraitors (Russia / Germany).


We`ll start pre-sale tickets here:  

6 October

7 October

 2 days subscription